Accidental death is a tragic event that can cause many forms of hardship for families. When another person caused the death of your loved one, you might be able to hold that person accountable for their actions. A wrongful death lawsuit with the aid of a trustworthy personal injury attorney could offer financial compensation to the family members of a deceased individual when they need it most.

The damages that you collect can help provide support for the family and reduce the burden created by someone’s negligence. If your family has questions about pursuing this type of lawsuit, contact an Altus wrongful death lawyer to learn your legal options.

Negligence in Oklahoma

Families hoping to recover with negligence claims will have to illustrate that someone else’s negligence caused their loved one’s death. Effectively, this will mean that someone behaved in an imprudent manner and that their failure to use due care led to a fatal accident. Sometimes it can be a challenge to work out exactly who or what was the cause of a tragic accident. Even when families are dealing with the hardship of saying goodbye to a loved one, it is never too early to begin investigating how the wreck happened. The responsible party’s representatives will begin investigating a wreck that results in a fatality almost immediately. While you are attending a funeral, they are building a defense. Contact our team of attorneys to take that burden off your shoulders.

Car crashes are a typical example of a case where more than one person might have failed to use caution and led to a tragic outcome. For instance, one driver may have been speeding while another changed lanes without a turning signal. In that case, both drivers may share the blame for a resulting collision.

In Oklahoma, the state’s comparative negligence law will allow for the deceased’s family to recover from another negligent person as long as the deceased was not more than 50 percent at fault. If they were 50 percent to blame or less, the court will reduce damages but not prevent recovery. An Altus accidental death lawyer could speak to families about how this law might impact their claims.

Accidents that Cause Wrongful Deaths

Crash-related deaths are shockingly common throughout the United States. Collisions involving motorcycles, trucks, pedestrians, boats, and bicyclists are also frequent events that lead to wrongful death claims.

Medical malpractice also takes place more frequently than most individuals would suspect. If a careless doctor’s actions lead to a patient’s death, the family might have a wrongful death claim. Product liability cases may apply when a defective airbag explodes, killing a vehicle’s occupant.

Some wrongful death actions may stem from a premises liability claim and an accidental fall caused by dangerous circumstances on a piece of property.

Recovering Damages in a Wrongful Death Claim

When a person endures injuries in an accident, they may be able to collect compensation from the person who caused the incident. That compensation will likely cover their medical bills, lost time at work, costs for physical therapy, and the person’s pain and suffering. The damages in wrongful death claims are similar but with some alterations.

Wrongful death actions may lead to compensation for burial and funeral costs, the lost income that the person would have provided, and damages for the family’s emotional pain and grief. If the person survived in the hospital for a period of time before they passed away from their injuries, it may be possible to receive compensation for their medical bills and pain and suffering.

In some instances, it may be conceivable to recover punitive damages, which punish particularly egregious behavior. A local wrongful death lawyer could counsel a family on the potential value of their claims.

Seek Justice with an Altus Wrongful Death Attorney

If you lost someone in an accident that was caused by negligence, you might be able to collect compensation on their behalf. The damages could help you move on and provide much needed financial support.

Many factors will impact liability and the value of a wrongful death case. An Altus wrongful death lawyer could work with you to develop a legal strategy for holding the at-fault party liable. Schedule a consultation today.