Residential leases are perhaps the most common form of real estate contracts in Altus and throughout the state. Almost everyone at some point in their lives has signed onto a residential lease agreement in order to live on residential property that another party owns. This applies equally to situations where a corporation owns the land or when a private homeowner is welcoming a tenant into their house.

The owners of these properties must create rental agreements that both conform to state laws and that clearly outline the rights and obligations of both parties. An Altus residential lease drafting lawyer is ready to draft documents that fit both these criteria.

State Laws that Apply to the Landlord-Tenant Relationship

As a general rule, the parties who enter into a contract are free to include whatever terms they wish into these documents. This freedom of contract even applies to residential lease agreements. However, contracts must also comply with all relevant laws. Altus and the rest of Oklahoma must follow the rules concerning landlord-tenant relationships, and all resulting contracts must remain in compliance with these rules.

It is best practice to outline these rules within the language of the contracts themselves. For example, Oklahoma Statute § 41-4 says that a tenancy at will can only end if one party gives at least 30 days’ notice to the other that they will be ending the arrangement. Other examples of state laws concerning the landlord-tenant relationship include:

  • When a landlord may enter an apartment or home
  • When a tenant may refuse to pay rent due to a defect on the land
  • What steps a landlord may take to initiate eviction proceedings

An Altus residential lease drafting attorney could assist you in creating lease agreements that comply with all relevant state laws. By putting these rules in writing, it should minimize potential conflicts between tenants and property owners.

Drafting Residential Lease Agreements with Specifics

Creating residential lease agreements that meet the requirements of state law is always necessary. However, it is just as important to draft contracts that meet your specific needs. This can include typical aspects of a rental agreement such as monthly rent, naming the parties that will pay utilities, and rules for appropriate use of the land.

Even with this in mind, the creation of lease agreements offers a great deal of flexibility to landowners. They may be willing to negotiate with specific tenants regarding the length of the tenancy, determining which parties will be responsible for landscaping duties, and even allow for a lower rent payment in exchange for maintenance services. Ultimately, the exact terms of many residential rental agreements are open for negotiation. An Altus residential lease drafting lawyer could facilitate these negotiations and create documents that accurately reflect the decisions that were made.

Speak with an Altus Residential Lease Drafting Attorney Today

Having a legally compliant and thorough residential lease agreement in place will protect the rights of both landlords and tenants. A contract that complies with state law ensures that any dispute will not end with a court invalidating the agreement. At the same time, clearly outlining the rights and duties of both parties can protect you in the event of a breach of that contract.

An Altus residential lease drafting lawyer is ready to work for you. We will listen to your specific needs, explain the state’s laws regarding these contracts, and draft documents that accurately reflect an agreement between you and your tenants. Contact us now to schedule your appointment.