Residents in Altus nursing homes should expect to live in comfort and stability. After all, these facilities employ licensed nurses as well as nursing assistants who have a duty to care for the well-being of residents. Unfortunately, due to either mistakes or instances of abuse, injuries that affect nursing home patients are common.

If you are a resident who has been the victim of abuse, or are a relative of an injured patient, an Altus nursing home abuse lawyer could offer assistance. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney could explain the obligation of nursing homes to protect their residents and pursue lawsuits that seek out proper compensation.

The Nursing Home Residents’ Bill of Rights

Every nursing home operating in Altus and across Oklahoma must comply with all requirements to obtain a state license. This includes adhering to all laws that mandate the protection of residents.

Most specifically, Oklahoma law provides a nursing home residents’ Bill of Rights. These protections determine the right of residents to live in dignity, as well as to live free from harm or abuse. According to state law, residents of nursing homes have the right to:

  • Receive information about their medical condition
  • Receive care appropriate to their condition
  • Object to a proposed transfer to another facility
  • Enjoy treatment that provides appropriate respect and dignity
  • Be free from unreasonable restraints
  • Privacy

Violations of any of these provisions may be an indicator of nursing home abuse. In addition, nursing homes have a more general obligation to keep their residents safe from harm. This includes providing protection against accidental injuries and those that result from abusive staff members. A nursing home that fails to provide this protection is liable for all resulting damage. An Altus nursing home neglect attorney could provide more information about the Bill of Rights and how it impacts the lives of elderly patients.

Pursuing Compensation After Suspicions of Abuse

Nursing home abuse can take on many forms and affect every part of a resident’s life. Whenever these abuses result in a physical injury, such as broken bones or bedsores, residents have the right to seek out compensation with help from a nursing home abuse lawyer in Southwest Oklahoma.

In order to do so, it is often necessary to pursue a private lawsuit. These lawsuits attempt to hold abusive staff members and nursing homes jointly liable for incidents that result in physical injuries. This type of case can demand compensation for medical bills and emotional traumas connected to the incident. An attorney could help connect an injury to a failure on the part of the facility to provide protection from incidents or shield residents from abusive staff members.

Contact an Altus Nursing Home Abuse Attorney to Protect Your Loved Ones

Every nursing home in Oklahoma has a duty under the law to protect its residents from harm. This includes taking steps to prevent accidental injuries and only hiring staff members who will not intentionally abuse residents. Any harm that results from a failure to follow this duty means that a nursing home must provide fair compensation.

An Altus nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to help residents and their families to collect these payments. We work throughout Oklahoma, and could evaluate how an injury has affected a resident’s life and demand fair payments through settlements or court verdicts. Call us now to schedule a free consultation about your case.