We all rely on consumer products to perform our jobs, travel from place to place, and do chores around the home. Whenever we buy and use a product, it is reasonable to expect that the product will function as intended and not cause unexpected harm. Sadly, consumer products cause injuries every day. When this happens, the manufacturers and sellers of products may be liable to provide fair compensation to affected individuals. This can include paying for medical bills and compensating people for lost income.

An Altus defective products lawyer could help you seek out compensation following an injury. A reliable personal injury attorney could explain Oklahoma’s product liability laws, perform a full investigation into the incident, and demand fair payments from manufacturers and sellers.

Product Liability Laws in Oklahoma

Product manufacturers have a duty under the law to produce items that are safe for their intended use. This does not mean that a product needs to be inherently safe. In fact, state law provides a defense for the makers of inherently dangerous products. However, it does mean that a product must function as intended.

These core concepts form the basis for product liability laws. These laws determine when the seller or maker of a product is liable for injuries that result from a malfunction. More specifically, a product is defective when it is in a condition that a reasonable person would not expect when it leaves the seller’s control. It may also be defective if it poses an unreasonable danger to a consumer when that consumer uses it in a reasonable way.

In simpler terms, the manufacturer may be liable for resulting injuries if that product leaves its control in a defective condition, such as a design defect or a manufacturing error. It may also be possible to prevail in a case if the plaintiff can show that the maker failed to provide adequate warnings about proper use. A defective products attorney in Southwest Oklahoma could provide more information about product liability law and how to pursue a lawsuit.

Liable Manufacturers Must Provide Full Compensation

The purpose of a defective product case is to collect the money necessary to make up for the financial and personal losses suffered. You and your lawyer must list the various physical injuries that require medical attention. These often include:

You also deserve compensation for your lost income. If an injury keeps a person off the job for any length of time, the responsible party must provide reimbursement for lost wages. Finally, many of these injuries are painful and result in severe emotional trauma. A defective products lawyer could evaluate how an incident has changed your life and connect those changes to a manufacturer’s error.

It is crucially important to recognize that there is a limited time following an injury to demand compensation. In most cases, Oklahoma Statutes § 12-95 sets this time limit as two years after the date of an injury. It is important to talk with a lawyer now to avoid missing this important deadline.

Speak with an Altus Defective Products Attorney to Help with Your Claim

The aftermath of a consumer product injury can be a confusing and frustrating experience. In addition to the physical harm, your finances can take a hit as well.

Fortunately, manufacturers of dangerous products can be held liable whenever those products cause an injury. However, proving these concepts can be difficult. The law says that makers must ensure that their products are safe for their intended use – and demonstrating that they were not safe is the first goal of all product liability cases.

An Altus defective products lawyer could help you to prove this concept. Our attorneys can work anywhere in Oklahoma and we do not get paid unless you do – so call us today for a free consultation.