Starting and managing a business is an exciting time for many people. However, over the course of your business venture you will be faced with numerous legal needs. An Altus business lawyer could work with you to manage the purchase or sale of a business, form a limited liability company (LLC), navigate stock transfers, negotiate contracts, and handle most other needs that you will encounter as an entrepreneur. It is crucial that your business’s legal documents are drafted correctly so that you are not left open to liability. Having an experienced attorney will likely save you money in the long run by avoiding costly litigation and exposure to liability.

The Laws of Managing a Business

Businesses have unique legal needs. From formation to dissolution, and for most phases in between, there are documents and processes that business owners need to handle in a precise manner in order to avoid leaving the business and owner open to liability. An Altus business lawyer has experience in these areas and could provide advice throughout the duration of your business operation.

Starting a Business

The legal process for starting a business includes several contracts and numerous documents. You may need to draft the articles of incorporation or file the proper paperwork to form an LLC. Once established, the business may need non-disclosure forms, employee contracts, vendor negotiations, property purchase agreements, or lease agreements. A legal perspective could help eliminate any contractual red flags or propose amendments that protect the owner and the LLC.

Operating a Business

Once the work of opening a business has finished, a lawyer can still be of service by maintaining corporate records, helping with stock transfers, and purchasing assets to grow the business. Many businesses keep a legal team throughout their operation due to the number of tasks which involve legal work.

Dissolving a Business

When a business has run its course or is sold to another entity, a business attorney in Altus could help tie up loose ends on the legal side. Selling assets and terminating business can have major legal consequences and cost a great deal of money to carry out. If these transactions are not completed correctly, and in line with existing contracts, ending a business can be made more difficult than it already is. We could help you ease the struggles that often arise during a dissolution, sale, or family transfer of the business.

Finding a Lawyer Early

Unfortunately, many business owners discover too late that they needed a lawyer. They might discover when they are being sued that they have violated a contract or that they are not properly incorporated when they are summoned to court. It can become an expensive mess to untangle if you wait until you are hit with a lawsuit to consider legal counsel. Even if your business wins its case, there will be court costs and time taken away from work to settle the matter. It is prudent to work with an attorney from the start to avoid future liability and court cases. We work with businesses all over Southwest Oklahoma.

Put Your Enterprise in Good Standing with an Altus Business Attorney

Your business matters – whether it is an agribusiness, restaurant, franchise, or something entirely different. Working with an Altus business lawyer can help protect you before a problem arises. As an entrepreneur, you do not want to discover you have a legal problem that could have been avoided with proper planning. We could help you with your articles of incorporation, the documentation for acquiring new assets, and many other facets of running a successful business. If you are considering starting a business or simply wanting to ensure your business continues to run without necessary interruptions – contact our team of Altus business lawyers today.