Since they are responsible for dozens of passengers at a time, bus drivers and the companies who employ them owe a high degree of care to both their customers and to other drivers around them. Unfortunately, even trained and experienced bus operators sometimes engage in reckless or careless driving behavior. Worse than that, operating companies might neglect to provide proper maintenance to the vehicles in their fleet and may neglect to ensure they hire qualified people to drive them.

No matter what specific circumstances lead to a bus getting involved in a traffic accident, you should strongly consider talking to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney about legal options if you end up hurt in a collision. An Altus bus accident lawyer could examine your unique situation, determine whether you have grounds to file suit, and help you effectively seek compensation for all your recoverable damages.

Establishing Liability for a Bus Accident

In addition to following traffic laws and paying attention to the road like any other drivers, bus operators also have a responsibility to ensure their passengers remain safe for the entire time they are on board. This means that bus drivers and their employers may bear liability for injuries caused by unsafe bus operation even if no other vehicles are involved. An example might be starting or stopping too suddenly and causing passengers to fall.

Most of the time, the companies that own and operate buses are the best parties to name as defendant in bus accident claims, since they may bear liability for the negligence of their employees. In other cases, fault for a bus accident lies with a third party, such as a mechanic who failed to replace a faulty bus component or another driver whose negligent actions caused a collision with a bus.

Regardless of the specific party found to be at fault for a wreck, finding negligence against a named defendant may allow you to recover for every form of harm you suffered due to that incident. That includes objective losses like medical expenses and subjective losses like physical pain and suffering. A Southwest Oklahoma bus crash attorney could go over what damages you might be able to recover during a free private consultation.

Filing Deadlines for Bus Crash Claims

Different filing deadlines may apply to bus accident litigation depending on which parties get hurt and the type of entity that owned the bus in question. In most cases, the deadline for claims against private bus companies is two years from the date of the loss.

Claims against government entities have a filing deadline of one year, which is when you and an Altus bus collision lawyer must file your initial Notice of Claim with the government body. You must then wait at least 90 days after submitting this Notice before you can actually file suit. If you do not file within six months after that 90-day period, you will lose your right to sue.

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Bus accidents can cause tremendous physical and psychological harm to dozens of people at once, so bus drivers owe a stricter duty of care to those around them than any other driver on the road. If a bus driver or company violated that duty and caused you harm as a result, you could hold them financially accountable for that harm through a settlement demand or civil lawsuit.

Retaining an Altus bus accident lawyer could make a massive difference in your case’s chance of a positive outcome – and you owe us no fee unless you win the case. Call today to set up a free consultation with one of our attorneys, who take cases all across Oklahoma.